95 Theses is a documentary film project that coincides with the 500th anniversary of the symbolic start of the Protestant Reformation. Instead of telling Martin Luther’s whole biographical story, the film incorporates interviews with theologians of different faith traditions, from Catholic to Anglican to Presbyterian to Lutheran. The 500th anniversary is really about Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses on October 31, 1517 – and so, resisting the evangelical fanfare of other films for the occasion, this one focuses on the document itself, and asks what it can tell us 500 years later. Combining lush cinematography of Saxony, with rapid-fire footage of today’s social and religious movements, this unique film includes original music by experimental hip hop artist Black Saturn. 95 Theses asks questions we can’t ignore, and takes a hard look at who we’ve become. Please sign up for e-mail updates and follow on Facebook to get notified when this independent film by H. Paul Moon is ready to watch on a variety of platforms in 4K resolution: here, YouTube, Amazon and Vimeo.

Apart from the forthcoming edited film presentation, this interactive site already includes 4-1/4 hours of extended footage, with chapter indexes and searchable running transcripts, at THE COMPLETE INTERVIEWS. Also, at THE DOCUMENTARY CONCORDANCE, you can look up these different interfaith perspectives associated with key terms, a sort of interactive online concordance about the central moments and topics of the Protestant Reformation’s origin story. It is the most thorough multimedia web resource of its kind available today on this subject.

For notes on the music, click here.

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